Company Description

Pay-A-Click or is PedalDown Marketing Inc., located in Scottsdale Arizona. Started in 2010, it is currently one of the fastest growing affiliate networks in the world, expanding the reaches for Merchants and Affiliates alike. The founders of Pay-A-Click have been in online marketing for almost 15 years and understand how cumbersome it can be to work with most affiliate networks. Our goal has been to streamline a network that works in today’s global e-commerce.


Pay-A-Click connects Merchants and Affiliates with the right tools, resources and partners. We believe in providing the best solutions for growing your business and earnings from one easy-to-use location. We continue to expand and update our technology to meet the needs of our network team.

Mission Statement

Pay-A-Click is committed to all of our clients’ success through a culture of creativity, productivity and positive energy. We believe in our knowledgeable and enthusiastic team giving personal attention to client management. We believe each of our clients’ success and growth is an extension of this top-notch personal service.

The Future

We are always looking for ways to improve our affiliate network and will implement seamless updates as needed throughout our network. Currently we are working on providing merchants with direct merchant checkout using pay processing directly through Pay-A-Click. This will be in addition to the hundreds of payment gateways and shopping cart solutions we facilitate for our Merchants to use.

Pay-A-Click Affiliate Network

Pay-A-Click is one of the fastest growing affiliate networks in the world. This is because we offer many features and opportunities in our affiliate network that many others don’t. This is the recipe for rapid growth, endless opportunities, and unlimited success for our Merchants and Affiliates.

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