Welcome to Pay-A-Click’s Knowledge Base!

We will provide a wealth of knowledge in regards to affiliate marketing and our network features.  We have presented this in popular topics and a FAQ section that can help you get a better understanding of what we offer with details of our affiliate network.

Overall Features & User Interface

Pay-A-Click Affiliate Network has a unique and revolutionary user interface. In this section, we will try to list the most important features of the user interface implemented in Pay-A-Click.

Multilingual Support

Pay-A-Click Affiliate Network is a truly multilingual application. Currently it is translated into  16 languages, with new languages added every month. Your affiliates will be able to use the application in their native language, while easily understanding the available options and features.

Multiple Currencies

Pay-A-Click allows merchants to register sales in multiple currencies, and affiliates to convert commissions into the default currency. All commissions are internally converted into the default currency (USD), For each additional currency you can define the exchange rate, which will be used during the registration of sale for converting the registered sale value to the default currency.

We have an exchange rate updater, that will automatically update the exchange rate of your currencies, it is executed once a day.

Managing Affiliates

Merchant can easily set up the affiliate’s signup form, or a mini signup site with more information about their program. After signing up, affiliates can gain access to their own Pay-A-Click control panel where they can get promo tools, banners, links, and view their statistics.

In the Merchant control panel, Merchant can review and approve/decline affiliates, monitor performance, and communicate with them.

Set Up and Receive Commissions and Promo Materials

Pay-A-Click allows for flexible setup of commissions. An unlimited number of campaigns can be created, each with different commission settings and amounts. All commission structures are supported in Pay-A-Click, including per click, per sale, fixed amounts, amounts based on a percentage, multi-tier and recurring.

Promo materials include image banners, text links, Flash banners, and HTML banners and many more. All of these can be defined and managed through the Merchant control panel.

For Affiliate, they can easily access details of Merchant’s campaigns including pay out commission amount and provided promo materials by Merchants.

Commissions, Payments and Invoicing

Pay-A-Click automatically computes earned commissions and calculates the balance for each affiliate. Affiliate can select to be paid commissions using ANY payment method, including wire transfer (some restrictions apply), PayPal, Skrill/Moneybookers, Payza, WalletOne or VoguePay (available only to African region affiliates).

The system stores a full history of payment information for review by Merchant and Affiliates.

Invoices and VAT handling are also supported for EU Merchants.

Pay-A-Click automatically computes earned commissions and calculates the balance for each affiliate. The commissions after approval are paid by Pay-A-Click directly to Affiliates.

Keeping Track of Performance

Pay-A-Click offers real-time reports of every aspect of the affiliate network, allowing Merchants to see how well the affiliates are performing, daily, weekly, monthly or annually.

Reward The Top Affiliates

With the Commission Groups feature Merchants can give higher commissions to their top affiliates. They can create different groups of affiliates, with different commissions for the same product(s.)

The Performance Rewards feature allows Merchants to create different groups and payout the determined commission automatically.

Communication Between Merchants & Affiliates

Pay-A-Click allows full communication between Merchants and Affiliates. With Pay-A-Click’s Affiliate Network Merchants can send mass emails to their affiliates to give them information or updates about their website and affiliate program.

Affiliates can also conveniently contact Merchants using a web form, or any contact method you specify.

Merchant Simple Integration

Pay-A-Click Affiliate Network will integrate to any Merchant’s business structure, payment gateway or shopping cart through simple code integration. You can simply use a general code provided on your sales and thank you/product deliver pages and the Pay-A-Click network will be at work.

Merchant Direct Payment Gateways – Shopping Carts – Marketing Plugins

In addition to the simple integration Pay-A-Click will use a more advanced approach to allow Merchants to easily integrate Pay-A-Click Affiliate Network to many popular payment gateways and shopping carts. Just paste the codes we provide based on your payment gateway or shopping cart and the network will be at work.

As an added bonus, Pay-A-Click will integrate directly through our plugin marketing features which allows Merchants to work with current 3rd party marketing programs.

See the List of  189 Payment Gateways, Shopping Carts and 3rd Party Marketing Plugins

Social & Blog Network Friendly

Merchants and Affiliates love Pay-A-Click’s Social and Blog Networking features. No longer do Affiliates have to put boring text ads on their social pages or blog pages. They can use vibrant banners/promos that will set their social pages or blog pages apart from the rest.

Easily integrate these banners/promos to popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn and more. Bring alive your blogs on networks like Blogger.com or WordPress.

Mobile Responsive

Pay-A-Click uses the latest technology such as HTML-5 to allow fully mobile responsive experience. So now you can view your Pay-A-Click account on any mobile device. To make things even easier Pay-A-Click will be releasing a mobile app for IOS and Android systems in early 2015.

Web 2.0 (Ajax)

Pay-A-Click Affiliate Network is truly a Web 2.0-based application. It is based on new modern framework (GwtPHP), which covers communication between client (javascript running in browser) and server (php application).

Every piece of data transmitted between client and server is optimized,  and no data are transmitted twice. In other words, using such application is much faster than using standard Web 1.0 applications.


General Tracking Features

Pay-A-Click uses a powerful affiliate tracking software with multiple unique tracking features. Tracking is most important feature of every affiliate software and Pay-A-Click defines new standards of visitors tracking with state of the art tracking methods like flash cookie tracking or direct link tracking.


Tracking Methods

Pay-A-Click  implements advanced types of tracking to create accurate tracking results. Weak tracking methods as IP address tracking or browser cookie tracking are just complementary tracking methods to strong flash cookie tracking.

Pay-A-Click always uses the strongest possible tracking methods, and falls down only in the event tracking methods are not available for a specific visitor.

Tracking methods are as follows:

1. Flash cookie tracking 2. Browser cookie tracking – First party cookie stored on tracked domain 3. Browser cookie tracking – Third party cookie stored on domain of Pay-A-Click 4. IP address tracking

Flash Cookie Tracking

This is the strongest and most accurate tracking method. It is based on Flash player, which is currently installed in more than 98% of all Internet browsers.

One big advantage of Flash cookie tracking is its cross browser support. For example, a visitor visited Merchant’s site in Internet Explorer and later ordered a product in Firefox. Pay-A-Click will still correctly assign that transaction to that Merchant’s affiliate, because the visitor was tracked with a flash cookie, which is the same in all browsers installed on a particular computer.

Browser cookie tracking

This is a tracking method, which is not as strong as Flash Cookie tracking, but is a very good complementary backup method in case Flash cookie tracking can’t be used (e.g. happens in very rare cases when Flash player is not installed in browser). This is the most commonly used tracking method in other affiliate networks, that doesn’t support Flash cookie tracking. This is one of the biggest reasons that both Merchants and Affiliates choose Pay-A-Click’s Affiliate Network instead of other affiliate networks. Pay-A-Click is much more accurate with Flash cookie tracking.

Browser cookies have disadvantages: – Cookies registered in one browser will not work in another browser on the same computer (e.g. Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Firefox and others) – Users can easily delete cookies in the browser user interface, so the sales will not be tracked correctly

In addition to those disadvantages, there are browser cookies — safe tracking methods capable of tracking sales with the same data quality. All parameters tracked with Flash cookies can then be saved in browser cookies as well, but still lacking the cross browser support.

Tracking referrals by IP

This method is only used when the browser cookies can’t be found, as well as when no flash player is installed in browser. This happens rarely, but Pay-A-Click counts those events.

During the sale tracking process, we search for the last known click from the visitor’s IP. If we find it, then the affiliate and campaign id from this click is used, and sales commission can be created.

Extended Tracking Methods

Besides the standard tracking methods (IP tracking, browser cookies) and advanced tracking methods (Flash cookies) there are other possibilities how to track your affiliates. Post Affiliate Pro 4 has a number of extended tracking methods.

Extended tracking methods are as follows:

1. Impression Tracking 2. Lifetime Commissions 3. Action Tracking 4. Private or Special Commissions 5. Per Product Tracking 6. Offline Tracking

Impression tracking

Lot of Merchants find the report of impressions useful. Impression is an action when a banner was seen by a potential customer, but not clicked. Pay-A-Click gives Merchants and Affiliates an option to see these statistics per each promotion/link.

Why is it useful? Imagine there is an affiliate who has thousands of visits per day but based on impression statistics, Merchants can see that just a few people really clicked their ad. With this info Merchants can act – find out why customers don‘t click (wrongly placed promotion banner at the website, irrelevant product promotion, banner not interesting enough, etc.). Merchants can easily use the customer potential from that website if Merchant point it out correctly and turn traffic into sales. Impression tracking will help Merchant with it!

Lifetime commissions

The most reliable way how to track proper affiliate is to use this tracking method. When an affiliate refers a customer to Merchant’s website and the customer registers or purchases something, Pay-A-Click will tie this customer with the affiliate internally. Next time when the customer shops with Merchant, they do not even have to use the same computer, they can login from completely different country but the commission will still be tracked correctly. It is up to Merchants what data will be used to tie affiliate with customer – email, or some unique customer ID from the website merchant uses.

Action tracking

This is a real specialty! Merchant can track whatever they want – if a video was seen and watched by a customer, if they clicked a special one-time offer, if they came from an email or if somebody clicked a button for a free newsletter… Merchant can even track all the steps the customer is taking at their website – clicking introduction, ‘more info’ page, testimonials, then order page and final thank you page… With action tracking there are no limits!

Private commissions and Special commissions

If Merchant are thinking about having extra affiliates who they want to give special commissions they can use this feature. Two affiliates will get a different commission on the same product. This is possible with commission groups. Merchant can even create a whole campaign which will be private and only invited affiliates will see its commissions and promotion banners.

Per product tracking

In case Merchant has more campaigns with different commission levels they will want to use per product tracking. This method enables Merchant to track each product separately to avoid wrongly computed commissions for products which do not belong to a specific campaign. Easy-to-use setup gives Merchant an option to specify it per product or per category or even per shop (in case they operate more websites).

Offline tracking (Coupons)

Yes, it is possible! Nowadays people like offline tracking more then they used to. There are hundreds of websites that offer discounts for food and holiday and other stuff – they use coupon codes. The offline tracking is based on coupons. Each affiliate has their own coupon(s) which can be used by customers. If such a coupon is used, Pay-A-Click will track the sale even the coupon was used from a printed media. Thanks to this, affiliates can promote Merchants in a local newspaper or spreading leaflets on their streets… Awesome!

Track Referrals and Sales in Real Time

Pay-A-Click provides advanced tracking that ensures maximum reliability. For every tracked commission detailed information appears, including first and last click that led to the commission, IP address, and the page from which the user came to Merchant’s website, all in real time. An add feature is to implement our Geo map overlay which will give detailed location information about the buyer.



Action Commissions (CPA – Commission Per Action)

The Action Commissions feature allows Merchants to define actions that determine when commissions will be paid, such as “per sale,” “per click,” “per lead,” “per impression” and various other “per” scenarios.

Most affiliate networks have limitations that you can track only sales or leads. Pay-A-Click allows Merchants to track  ANY action and pay commissions per action (CPA) to affiliates.

This way Merchants can define commissions, including per user registration, per download, per specific page visit and more.

Merchants can create an unlimited number of per action commissions in every campaign, giving Mrchants the ability to track the moves of virtually every visitor.

Split Commissions

Split Commission is an optional great new feature of Pay-A-Click which enables merchants to reward all the affiliates who participate in referring a particular sale. Improves merchant’s affiliate program dramatically now!

This is an example of how a situation can arise that calls for multiple sales commissions to be paid out:

’Visitor Peter’ was browsing Bill’s Blog and was interested in Bill’s Blog’s link to the “best-product.com” website. Visitor Peter clicks through to the “best-product.com” website from Bill’s Blog.

Visitor Peter then browses the “best-product.com” website, and exits after 5 minutes.

Visitor Peter decides to research “best-product.com” to get some reviews, references, or pricing information.

Furthering his search, Visitor Peter finds the website “best-product-review.com,” and again views the “best-product.com” website, but he’s now viewing from the site of affiliate Janet, review writer.

Visitor Peter searches again, and finds a forum entry, where affiliate George has made positive statements about “best-product.com.,” At this point, Visitor Peter has been referred yet again by reading the positive things affiliate George has declared in the forum.

Visitor Peter then makes the purchase decision, and he finally becomes a customer of “best-product,com.”

The split commission structure could then split the commission with Bill, Janet and George if the split commission was active.

Split Commission Options

Split Commission offers the ability to define multiple variations of how affiliates can be rewarded:

Option 1) Flat, split commission for all

All three affiliates from the example, get paid equal commissions.

Split Commission has other options:

Option 2) First referrer is the key to success

First referrer receives a 60% bonus, and the remaining two affiliates who participated in the sale split the 40% difference, or 20% each.

Option 3) Last referrer is key to success

The last referrer is rewarded a 60% bonus, and the remaining two affiliates are each paid 20% of the remaining 40% balance.

Option 4) The first and last referring affiliates are considered the key elements of success

First affiliate – Gets a 50% bonus
Last affiliate – Gets a 30% bonus
Additional affiliates – Each gain 20%

NOTE: Split Commission allows also traditional setup, if Merchants set first referrer bonus to 100% no other commissions will be paid out on the sale.

Why is Split Commission Important?

The key to a successful affiliate program is motivating all affiliates with compensation. When all affiliates are motivated to promote  products, Merchant’s SEO will increase, and that will equate to more sales.

Compensation through commissions are the chief motivating factor for affiliates.

With Split Commission, affiliates will see some percentage of commission from each sale they refer, and that success will motivate affiliates to promote more steadily and with increased commitment, increasing commissions overall.

The most important key to success in affiliate confidence is the quality and accuracy of program tracking.

With Split Commission’s special, customizable feature, affiliates will quickly understand that shared commissions, when warranted, equal higher commission checks. Affiliates may even recruit others to Merchants programs by spreading the word.

Lifetime Commissions

With Lifetime Commissions, the affiliate who referred Merchant’s customer will get commissions for all future purchases by that customer.

Functionality of this feature is based on the fact that Merchants can identify a customer by using unique identification (e.g. by email). After the customer makes his/her first sale, Pay-A-Click will create a relation between the customer and the referring affiliate, and all of the sales from that customer will be assigned to the particular affiliate, even if the customer makes the next purchase using another computer.

Even if the customer is  referred by any other affiliate on another computer, the commission will be still assigned to the first affiliate, because the Lifetime Commissions has higher priority than any other type of tracking (e.g. Flash cookie, Browser cookie, IP address or similar).

Two-Tier Commissions

Pay-A-Click offers a unique tiered marketing feature that allows merchant to define commission structures for two tiers.

Merchants can build the affiliate tree and in case an affiliate refers a new sale, Merchant can pay any commission to his parent. Commission structure can be defined for each level, separately.

Along with the Forced Matrix feature, it could be a strong feature that motivates affiliates to search for new affiliates, which will in turn earn more commissions for them.

Forced Matrix

A forced matrix is a system where there is a limit to the number of referrals any affiliate can refer. It makes sense to use this feature if Merchant has defined commission tiers. If Merchant has single tier commissions only, it makes no sense to structure your affiliates.

Commission Groups

Commission groups allow Merchants to set different commissions for different affiliates for the same campaign. One example of how this feature could be useful is for dividing Merchant’s affiliates into groups. For example, affiliates from the VIP group will earn higher commissions than the other groups.

Pay-A-Click allows Merchants to define an unlimited number of groups in every campaign and effectively separate your affiliates (e.g. by performance).

Using it together with the Performance Rewards feature, Merchants can reward their VIP affiliates, or simply add performance criteria to their affiliate program.

For example Merchants can pay 20% commissions if an affiliate delivers less than 5 sales per month, and 30% if he delivers 5 or more sales during a month. Any other time criteria that Merchant desire can be set.


Promotion Material & Tools

Promotion Materials

Next to some standard banner types such as Image, Link, HTML or Flash banners, Pay-A-Click also  offers some unique banner types, which you will not find in other affiliate networks. Campaigns can become more effective with new types of promotional banners, including rebranded PDF files (viral PDF files) or replicated sites.

Image Banners

An Image Banner is a basic type of promotion material supported by Pay-A-Click. It is a graphic image used to advertise a product or service.

It is still the most effective way of advertising in affiliate marketing, because within an image you can express not only your basic slogan, but emotions as well.

Pay-A-Click supports all types of images as Image Banners. Merchants can simply upload your images directly to Pay-A-Click and their affiliates will be able to use their banners on their websites or promotional material.

Banner ads come in numerous sizes, but are often rectangles 460 pixels wide by 60 pixels high. Also 460 x 55 and 392 x 72 sizes are commonly used. Banner can have predefined sizes (e.g. Skyscraper, Wide Skyscraper and Leaderboard), or Merchant can define custom sized banners. All sizes are supported in Pay-A-Click.

Text Link Banners

This type of promotional material will allow Merchant to prepare slogans in a simple HTML format, which are not offensive and is easy for affiliates to implement into any website or promotional material.

Flash Banners

Flash banners are an attractive way of presenting ads, often employing animation, sound, or video to maximize presence.

HTML Banners

HTML Banners allow Merchant to fully customize the look of their banners. They can even define forms, tables, graphs, and multiple images as one banner. HTML banners give them unlimited options that you can use to format their banner.

When defined, the HTML banner should use constants supported by the HTML banner editor.

The Pay-A-Click Affiliate system translates these constants into proper values when the banner code is displayed in the affiliate screen.

Simple PDF banners (HTML 2 PDF)

Simple PDF banners is a unique promotional tool implemented in Pay-A-Click, which allows Merchant to create easily customizable PDF documents for affiliates.

Documents are generated from text (HTML), which Merchants can edit in a WYSIWYG editor, directly in the banner detail. Also supported are basic text formats such as bold, italic or underlined text.

It has never been easier for Merchants to create PDF document for their affiliates. Merchants can use predefined constants in text (e.g. affiliate’s first name, last name, user name or other affiliate’s data fields), which are replaced with real values when the affiliate downloads PDF documents.

Rebrand PDF

Rebrand PDF is an optional feature of Pay-A-Click, it is a professional rebranding solution for PDF e-books.

If Merchants are publishing on the Internet, they know that the true power of eBooks comes with adding a viral element to it. Merchant needs to make the eBook easy to be rebranded.

This means that readers, affiliates and partners will be able to change parts of the book, such as their affiliate links, which gives them a great incentive to further distribution of  Merchant’s eBooks.

Now it is possible in a simple way that no external .exe program is necessary.

 What is it

Rebrand PDF is an advanced tool (feature) for Pay-A-Click. It allows Merchant to create a special type of promo materials: e-books that can be easily rebranded. Merchant can create their PDF e-book only once and upload it to Pay-A-Click.

Affiliates will automatically get their own rebranded copy of the book, with their name, affiliate links, texts, etc. There is no need to run any Windows program for branding, they will simply download rebranded PDF. All the rebranding is made automatically in the background in Pay-A-Click.

Why should you use it? Rebrand PDF advantages
  • It’s a powerful tool to rebrand your PDF e-books
  • Simple for authors to use – create your PDF document in any editor that you choose (e.g. a free editor like OpenOffice). Remember to use  only the predefined replacement constants supported by PAP4.
  • It’s even easier for affiliate – they only have to download the rebranded PDF file or send the download link to their customers; no other action is required.

Banner Rotator

A Banner rotator is a special type of banner that rotates other banners.

When an affiliate inserts a rotator on his/her page, the rotator displays banners that are assigned to the rotator, so the visitor will see another banner every time he visits the affiliate’s page.

The Probability of each sub-banner can be defined by the ranking of the banner. Banners with higher ranking will be displayed in the rotator more often than banners with lower ranking.

Hover Banners

A Hover Banner is a simple image banner, presented to visitors in more offensive way. Each time a page with an inserted hover banner is opened, the banner is opened on top of the content. Merchant can define custom levels of opacity for hover banners against the original content of the page, where it was included.

Visitors can close banners and continue reading the content to avoid viewing the banner.

Site Replication

Replicated site is a feature that allows Merchant to create Replicated websites for their affiliates.

This means that Merchant will create one web site, using variables like {$firstname} and {$lastname}, and Pay-A-Click will create personalized page for each of their affiliates.

Why should you use this feature?

By making replicated site, affiliates can promote Merchant even if they don’t have their own website to place banners. If there is a replicated site set up in Merchant system, affiliate can just copy their URL and post it to potential customers. Replicated sites are personalized for each affiliate, and ensure that when customers visit the site, cookies will be saved and the sale will be referred to the affiliate.

Why is Site Replication in Pay-A-Click better than in any other affiliate networks?

1. Pay-A-Click implements Site Replication features in a unique and sophisticated way, allowing you to replicate PHP-based dynamic websites such as blog or forum (e.g. implemented by WordPress or similar CMS software implemented in PHP). This makes it much easier to create and maintain content for each replicated site, because you can edit entries in replicated sites directly from a web interface, without handling simple HTML files.

2. With Pay-A-Click Site Replication feature Merchant can replicate multiple websites for each affiliate. In Pay-A-Click, a special type of banner is replicated, and Merchant can create an unlimited number of similar. Each affiliate can choose if they are going to use Merchant’s replicated website or not, as they will see it in the banners section of their affiliate panels.

Example of when it is useful to use Replicated Site:

– Merchant’s company offers 2 types of products and Merchant has a separate website for each product type. (e.g. a site about bicycles and a site about watches)

– Merchant has 1000 affiliates

If Merchant would like to create a customized website for each of their affiliates they will need to create 2,000 different websites. With Site replication Merchant will create just 2 web sites and create 2 replicated site banners in Pay-A-Click. Now, all their affiliates can have their own website, with replicated content from your website templates.

Affiliates can put this replicated content on their own domain, or use generic URL of the replicated website from your domain.

Page Peel Banners

A Page Peel Banner is a special type of image banner that has an attractive Flash animation embedded.

Now, Merchants and Affiliates can choose a new kind of Peel Banner that doesn’t require Flash anymore, it uses CSS3 instead!

It can be displayed in the left top corner, right top corner or both top corners of affiliate’s page.

Banners contains two images:

– Small image – displayed when the banner is closed

– Big image – displayed when the banner is opened, or during animation when opening and closing the banner

In both states you can define the rotating text through the banner.

Coupons (Offline Marketing)

Coupons is a feature of Pay-A-Click, which can be used for offline or online marketing.

What can coupons do?

In Merchant’s shop they can create special promotional pricing for website visitors, with coupons. Additionally, they can pay their affiliates for doing a good job if they give your coupons to their visitors. Coupons are an effective way to offer better price and motivate affiliates to distribute more coupons..

Coupons are one type of banner, allowing Merchant the ability to create an unlimited number of coupon groups (promotions/banners) in one campaign. We don’t apply any limits on the number of coupons or coupon banners in any of the campaigns defined in our affiliate network.

For example, Merchant has a 10% discount promotion, and a 30% discount promotion. In both promotions they can generate a separate set of coupons, and affiliates will be able to request coupons for both promotions.

After a customer uses a coupon that was received by an affiliate, they will know which promotion that coupon is for, which affiliate gave the coupon to their customer, and which campaign it was defined in. Merchant will have accurate information regarding the time of sale about coupons, and the correct amount of commissions will be paid to affiliate.

Creation of coupons

Coupons can be generated directly in Pay-A-Click or Merchant can import them from their shop software easily. When Merchant generates Coupons in Pay-A-Click, they can define custom coupon format. Coupons can be later exported from Pay-A-Click and imported into Merchant shop software or any payment processor.

Design of coupons and Bar codes

Affiliates can request coupons for each campaign or banner, and print them on printers, directly from Pay-A-Click. Merchants can easily define each campaign and the HTML design of the coupon, which can be used for printing attractive tickets for customers. Merchants can insert designs into the coupons, including bar code images, which can be later read by bar code readers.

Bar code images are automatically generated by Pay-A-Click, and each bar code matches with the coupon id. Merchant coupon tickets printed by the affiliate will look professional with a bar code. With Bar code readers you can automate the input of coupon codes to Pay-A-Click.

Zip Banners

Zip banner is a special type of content that can be offered by Merchants to Affiliates registered in Pay-A-Click.

In case Merchant wants to easily deliver hundreds of customized files to each of their affiliates, zip banner is exactly the feature they need.

Using zip files, Merchant can store files of any type, including images, binary documents, text documents and more. Text files (html, txt) can be customized with affiliate values. Inside of the text files zipped in your zip banner, Merchant can use all affiliate variables. Here are several examples of variables:

{$firstname} – First Name {$lastname} – Last Name {$username} – Username {$password} – Password {$ip} – IP {$parentuserid} – Parent affiliate {$refid} – Referral ID {$data1} – Web Url {$data2} – Company name {$data3} – Street {$data4} – City {$data5} – State {$data6} – Country {$data7} – Zipcode {$data8} – Phone {$data9} – Fax {$bannerid} – Banner Id {$channelid} – Channel Id {$targeturl} – Target URL {$targeturl_encoded} – Encoded target URL {$impression_track} – Impression track

Imagine the following case study:

– Merchant would like to distribute to their affiliates product list from your shop. – Merchant’s affiliates should only need to copy content of HTML files that Merchant will give them, and paste it into their website. – The html file distributed in the zip file should be customized for each affiliate (e.g. with the correct affiliate link or affiliate’s name). – Merchant will need to distribute images of their products along with a list of products in HTML.

In case Merchant wants to make it as easy as possible for affiliates, they will use the Zip Banner feature, then zip all images and html files into one zip file. The files will then be uploaded to Pay-A-Click.

Affiliates will login to Pay-A-Click to download a prepared zip banner and unzip it on their server. They will receive a complete catalog of Merchant products, with images and other important files, and affiliate will not need to customize html files with their affiliate links. Each product link will contain the correct link of each affiliate that downloaded the Zip banner.

Promotion Banner Statistics

Merchant can view detailed statistics about each banner or promotion created in Pay-A-Click. They can compare different types of banners or promotions side-by-side, or analyze which types of banners or promotions are more effective in their affiliate program.


Affiliate Link Styles & Tracking

Link Styles

Pay-A-Click is a flexible affiliate application that allows you to fully customize it to your needs. It supports a variety of affiliate link styles and you can easily choose the most suitable affiliate link style for your needs, with a single click.

Affiliate link styles are as follows:

1. Standard Links 2. New Style Links 3. Anchor Links 4. SEF Links with Mod Rewrite 5. Direct Links

Direct Link Tracking

Direct Link tracking is the most advanced, SEO-friendly tracking tool available on the affiliate market. Pay-A-Click implements this unique tracking. How it works

The visitor referred through Direct Link is recognized by the HTTP_REFERER information sent by the browser. It is the address of the page (if any) which referred the browser to the destination page. In short, when a visitor clicks a link on the affiliate’s page, the HTTP_REFERER will be the address of affiliate’s page.

Our system will then check this page in our database to learn if the page belongs to an affiliate, and it will then assign that person the referral (and click).

This method is browser dependent, so it is reliable 90-99% of the time. All modern browsers send this information, and with the advantages mentioned below you can use it as your main linking strategy.

Advantages of Direct Links:

  • Visitors won’t know they are clicking on an affiliate link. Many people are not so keen on clicking a link that they recognize as an affiliate link. If your affiliates use affiliate links in their blog or review site, visitors will know that they earn commissions for the promoted products, and they will be more skeptical of clicking on a link or believing the review. If you’ll use Direct Links no one will know that the links are promoting your products.
  • Visitors will not damage or remove the affiliate parameters from the URL. There are people who don’t like to purchase through affiliate links, even if there are no disadvantages to them. Those people would rather copy the URL to their browser and remove the affiliate parameters. Your affiliates can prevent this problem by using the affiliate link cloaker; but if they use Direct Links, they won’t need to worry about anything at all.
  • It is the best search engine friendly method available. To reach a high position on Google, you (as a merchant) will need as many backlinks pointing to your website as possible. If your affiliates use Direct Links, they can link to your website without any additional parameters, it is a great SEO method.

SubId / Channel Tracking

Pay-A-Click offers affiliates an advanced tracking tool for maximum optimization of visitor traffic.

Ad channels tracking can be used by affiliates to test the best placement for affiliate program banners, or for monitoring the performance of their ad channels sending traffic to Merchant’s affiliate program.

Custom Affiliate Tracking Codes

Pay-A-Click has an optional feature (Affiliate Sale Tracking Codes), which can be activated by the merchant in the “Features” menu. After you have activated this feature, all of affiliates will be able to define custom sale tracking codes, which will be inserted into “thank you” page after the sale referred by the affiliate has been processed. To prevent merchants from inserting unwanted code, each change or new tracking code has to be approved by the merchant.

Warning: Affiliate tracking codes can cause damage to Merchant’s thank you page. Merchant’s should approve them only after careful consideration of the risks involved.

Search Engine Friendly Links

Affiliate links must be search engine friendly. In Pay-A-Click, they truly are. You can choose from different linking types and customize the link format exactly to your specifications.

Pay-A-Click’s unique DirectLink technology offers the best possible linking method – affiliates link to Merchant’s site without any additional parameters in the URL.


Fraud Protection

The Fraud Protection system implemented in Pay-A-Click’s Affiliate Network monitors all transactions generated in the system and can automatically decline fraudulent transactions without any annoying alerts or pop-ups. It not only provides protection against fraudulent orders, but also protects against repeated orders (e.g. when a customer refreshes the “Thank you” page, where the tracking code has been integrated).

Click Fraud Protection

Click fraud protection is separated into multiple levels:

1. System can recognize repeated clicks from the same IP address and decline or not save commissions for those clicks

2. System can decline or choose to not save commissions for clicks coming from banned IP address ranges

3. System can decline or not save commissions for clicks coming from blacklisted countries (part of the GeoIP feature).

Sales Fraud Protection

Sale fraud protection settings offer the following options:

1. System can recognize duplicate orders coming from the same IP address

2. System can recognize duplicate orders coming with the same order ID

3. System can decline or not save commissions for sales generated from banned IP address ranges

4. System can decline or not save commissions for sales generated from black listed countries (Part of GeoIP feature).

Affiliate Sign Up Protection

Merchants can protect your affiliate program against fraudulent affiliate signups by multiple ways:

1. System can detect multiple signups from same IP address within specified number of seconds

2. System can block signups from banned IP address ranges

3. System can block affiliate signups from blacklisted countries (part of  GeoIP feature)



Pay-A-Click offers multiple comprehensive reports, giving Merchants and Affiliates the power to effectively track the performance of the affiliate program. Merchants can compare the side-by-side performance of affiliates, banner/promos or campaigns, and much more. Affiliates can track and compare each Merchant banner/promos or campaign, and much more. Below you can review several types of reports implemented in Pay-A-Click.

Trends Report

The Trends Report displays trends of each transaction in charts as well as in data fields. Merchant will have a clear picture where their affiliate program is going.

This can filter your transactions by date, status, campaign or affiliate.

This can display 2 attributes at the same time in the charts, which includes impressions, sales, commissions or clicks. Merchant can also compare the progress of multiple parameters.

Under charts you can see detailed transaction summary of several parameters:

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Click Through Ratio
  • Conversion Ratio
  • Number of Sales
  • Value of Sales
  • Commissions
  • Commission per Impression
  • Commission per Click
  • Average Amount of Order

Parameters are grouped by time:

  • Today
  • This week
  • This Month
  • This Year
  • All Time
  • Selected time period in filter

Top Affiliate Report

To operate successful affiliate software, Merchant needs to be able to compare their affiliates and identify Super Affiliates. It is important to keep their Affiliates motivated to sell their products and help them to improve sales techniques.

Top Affiliates Report shows Merchant a list of their affiliates arranged by their performance in their affiliate program. They can arrange your affiliates using the following performance parameters:

  • Number of sales
  • Total sale value
  • Commissions
  • Clicks (Raw/Unique)
  • Impressions (Raw/Unique)
  • Click through ratio
  • Conversion ration
  • Average commission per click
  • Average commission per impression
  • Average amount of order

Top Merchant Report

For Affiliates, they will need to identify the top Merchant affiliate programs. Having the ability to view Merchant campaign or banner/promo statistics will allow Affiliates to easily identify the best performing Merchant products or services. By identifying under performing Merchant affiliates programs will allow Affiliates to work with Merchants to get help to improve their sales techniques.

Top URL Report

Easily identify the best converting traffic sources and improve marketing strategy.

If Merchant can identify which traffic source is best for their products, they can begin targeted marketing campaigns to sell even more products through the highest-selling URLs. Which in return will create more effective campaigns for affiliates to promote.

Quick Report

This report gives Merchant and Affiliate a quick overview of all tracked events, such as impressions, clicks, sales and commissions, for periods of time that they select.

Campaign, Banner and Affiliate Report

Merchant can review detailed statistics about each important entity of their affiliate program, including Affiliates, Campaigns and Banners/Promos in the detail of each information type (in tab Stats).

This will help Merchant to optimize your campaigns and banners/promos or compare two campaigns side by side by allowing Merchant to open multiple campaigns at the same time and compare them.

Report will show Merchant the same data as trend report, but it will only calculate the data of the affiliate, campaign or banner that they have selected.

Map Overlay Report

Map Overlay Reportaggregates statistic data by country and helps Merchant identify the countries in which their affiliate program is running well and in which countries they need to try other affiliate marketing strategies. Report is part of the Pay-A-Click’s GeoIP feature that determines a visitors’ country. This feature allows filtering transactions by country, and the ability to setup fraud protection depending on the visitor’s country.

In Report, Merchant can see multiple map overlays monitoring different parameters of their affiliate program. They can see the total amount of revenue generated from different countries, including commissions by countries, sales count by countries, raw impressions, or raw clicks by countries. Same statistical data that they can see is found in the sortable table under the world map.

Does it cost money to join?

No, it is 100% free to sign up for either a Merchant or Affiliate account. There are no charges until an actual sale/commission transaction is completed.

I want to sell and promote products, can I do this?

Yes, you will simply need to sign up for both Merchant and Affiliate accounts. We keep the two accounts separate to avoid confusion. Many affiliate networks that have tried to combine the two tend to have conflict issues; it can be confusing for both Merchants and Affiliates. To keep this from happening, Pay-A-Click keeps the two kinds of accounts separate.

I'm a merchant; what does it cost to set up a product or service campaign?

There is no charge to set up any number of campaigns and banner/promos. You are only charged when a sale/commission transaction is completed.

Who pays the transaction fees?

The transaction fees are paid by the merchant. Affiliates don’t pay any fees for sale/commission transactions, because Pay-A-Click handles all their payments. This creates much less hassle for merchants.

What are the merchant transaction fees?

In the merchant account, we list the transaction fees in detail. The transaction fees will vary and are based on the product price. We assure you that our rates are some of the lowest in the industry, if not the lowest.

I have a variety of things I sell; can I use Pay-A-Click?

This is one of the best parts of Pay-A-Click! Merchants are able to sell all types of products — including digital, physical, downloads, software, or services — under one roof. You no longer need to have several affiliate network accounts to sell a variety of products.

Are there any contracts to sign?

No, we have no contracts for you to sign. However, we do have terms which we list in both the Merchant Terms of Service (TOS) and the Affiliate TOS in regards to canceling accounts. The TOS explains that all accounts need to be settled before they can be canceled.

Can I use Pay-A-Click as my private Affiliate Network?

Absolutely. In fact, you will save a ton of money by using Pay-A-Click as your own private affiliate network. You will not need to buy expensive affiliate tracking software that has only a fraction of the features and tools Pay-A-Click provides. Transaction fees will still need to be paid to Pay-A-Click, and we will still pay the affiliates.

What about tax reporting?

Pay-A-Click will handle all tax reporting for U.S. affiliate earnings. We track all payments sent through non-reporting services and send U.S. residents a form for reporting tax earnings. We won’t report any earnings sent through some of the pay processors such as PayPal because they send their own tax reporting earnings to their account holders. This avoids duplicate reporting and confusion for affiliates when income tax time arrives.

I'm a merchant; when do I receive my sales earnings?

Immediately! We allow merchants to collect their own payments using almost every payment gateway or shopping cart on the market. In this way, merchants directly receive their money for each sale.

I'm an affiliate; when will I get paid?

If you meet the minimum $25 pay out, we will send payments once a month between the 1st and 5th to your selected payment source.  If you earn over $4,000 a month, we can make special arrangements for payouts twice a month on the 1st and 15th.

How can I receive my affiliate commissions?

Pay-A-Click currently offers more ways for affiliates to get paid than any other affiliate network. We provide payments to be receive by PayPal, Skrill/Moneybookers, or Payza. If you are a high volume affiliate we will contact you directly to offer payments by wire transfer. This usually happens when you earn around $4,000 USD per month.

If you are an affiliate from Ghana, Nigeria or South Africa and can’t use any of the mentioned payment processors, we offer a solution to be paid through Voguepay.com. You would need to have an active account with VoguePay and then you can contact us to make arrangement for payment through your VoguePay account.

As an affiliate am I charged an fees?

No! You will not ever be charged any fees by merchants or Pay-A-Click. (i.e. If you promote a campaign that the product sells for $50, and you earn 50% CPA, you will be paid $25).

No Payment Fees – Pay-A-Click doesn’t charge any payment fees to affiliates for any of the provided payment methods. This is completely free to receive your payments for your earnings. Of course you would have to pay any transaction fees charged by your payment processor but never any fees from Pay-A-Click.

Which sites can I promote as an affiliate?

As an affiliate you can promote any Merchant campaign offered in the Marketplace. Some Merchants do run private affiliate programs and those will not be displayed in the Marketplace.

Can I earn money referring other Merchants and Affiliates to Pay-A-Click?

Yes. You can earn money by referring affiliates and/or merchants.

Referring Affiliates: For every affiliate you refer, you will earn 3% of their total earnings for any commission they make on our network. The affiliate will be listed as a second tier affiliate so you can track the earnings they are making for you.

Because we are a 2-tier network and not a multi-level marketing network, if that affiliate refers another affiliate, you won’t get paid for the the second affiliate.

Merchant Referral: If you refer a Merchant to Pay-A-Click, you will get paid a percent of the transaction fees the Merchant spends. The percent amount will vary, as there are different transaction fees applied to merchants.

Note: All commissions for referrals to Pay-A-Click are for lifetime or for as long as you have an active account with Pay-A-Click.

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