Offering Merchants and Advertisers More Options For Success

Sign up for your free Merchant account with no obligation. Our Merchant–Advertiser platform allows you to run all your campaign promotions in one place. Whether you sell digital or physical products or services, the Pay-A-Click platform will be your perfect solution. In addition to the option to sell any type of product or service, there are more strategies for displaying your product or service through all of the latest promotional tools available for marketing, as well as more payment models (CPA, PPC, CPL, CPM) — all in one simple-to-use place.

Affiliate Connections

We offer Pay-A-Click in more countries than any other affiliate network. This allows you to connect directly with thousands of Global affiliates and to exactly how and where you want your promotions presented.

Public or Private

Pay-A-Click allows all Merchants flexibility in selecting whether to create public campaigns and place them in our Marketplace, or to create private campaigns and only allow invited or selected affiliates to view them.

Commission Module

As a Merchant, you will be able to set more detailed commission structures — by action, per click, lead, or impressions. These then may be set to private, groups, multi-tier, split, lifetime, recurring, and award bonuses.

Promotion Methods

Use the best and latest promotions, such as direct links, texts, images, videos, flash banners, HTML banners, promo emails, simple PDFs, rebrand PDFs, rotators, coupons, site replicate, zip banners, and more.

Linking Options

Pay-A-Click can offer better linking options for affiliates. Offering direct links, style links, custom links, anchor links, SEF Mod Rewrites, and direct linking tools allows affiliate links to be masked for better conversions.

Tracking Software

The Pay-A-Click tracking software is directly integrated into your Merchant account. We offer the best options in tracking, such as custom codes, pixels, browser cookies, flash cookies, SubId/Ad Channels and referral by IP.


Pay-A-Click’s geo-targeting allows merchants to select where they want their campaigns to be promoted by countries of choice. Geo-tracking will provide detailed analytics of where the affiliate sales originate.

Offline Coupons

This feature will allow you to register your coupon promotions manually if you choose. It will require your preset validation code, assuring that the coupon is valid. The commission is then registered to the affiliate.

Payment Gateways

When it comes to payment processing, gateways, and shopping carts, Pay-A-Click gives you more options than any other affiliate network. Merchants can collect their own payments using several integration methods.

Plugins Galore

We have integrated the Pay-A-Click affiliate network with several major platforms for direct marketing including Facebook, Twitter, GetResponse, MailChimp, AWeber, Adobe, Big Commerce, and many more.

Fraud Protection

We provide several layers of fraud protection for our Merchants. In addition to using the best internal fraud detection, we provide the Merchants ways to check for click, sale and affiliate sign-up fraud.

Merchant Analytics

You will always know what your campaigns and affiliates are doing in real time. Methods include detailed reports on clicks and affiliates, as well as detailed campaign performance using trends and map overlays.

Pay-A-Click’s Payment Integration and Plugins

The Pay-A-Click affiliate network allows merchants complete flexibility to integrate their website and campaign promotions to the affiliate network using several payment gateways and plugins, that can be directly accessed through the Pay-A-Click Merchant dashboard.

View all the available payment gateways and plugins

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